Ambassador Responsibilities for #iGiveCatholic

As a parish, school, or nonprofit ministry leader, you know your ambassadors and volunteers best! You know what strengths and connections your ambassadors bring to the table, to help further your parish’s, school's, or nonprofit ministry's mission and have a stronger impact in your archdiocese or diocese. During the #iGiveCatholic Giving Day, you’ll need support and assistance from your ambassadors to make it an all-around success, which is why we developed this list of tasks your ambassadors could help with!

Sample #iGiveCatholic Ambassador Responsibilities

This guide outlines the following tasks:

Community Partnerships & Outreach

Your parish, school, or nonprofit ministry likely has several volunteers who serve as important and active members of your community. Whether it’s a connection to local businesses or the ability to acquire sponsored or matching gifts, you’ll want to utilize these ambassadors to help build a solid foundation for your #iGiveCatholic campaign.

Tasks for these ambassadors could include:

  • Reaching out to local businesses for potential partnerships: Partnerships can range from sharing your #iGiveCatholic page on social media, in-kind donations for day-of events, or utilizing what’s special about your parish, school, or nonprofit ministry to promote the big day!
  • Acquiring sponsors for matching gifts or incentives: #iGiveCatholic is a great opportunity to entice your donors to have a greater impact on your parish, school, or nonprofit ministry and your community by offering donation matches! Having some extra funds for #iGiveCatholic to use as incentives for your donors can really motivate them to participate and further their impact.

Press & Promotion

Make sure your donors are aware of #iGiveCatholic and don’t miss out on the big day by utilizing your ambassadors to help spread the word! While your staff members and volunteers will also be working on marketing and promoting this event, your ambassadors can play a crucial role in educating those who otherwise may not have seen your messaging. Just by having a conversation with their co-workers, your mission has the potential to impact more people with the help of your ambassadors.

Tasks for these ambassadors members could include:

  • Getting the word out about #iGiveCatholic: Your ambassadors can play a huge role in getting the word out about #iGiveCatholic. By simply talking about it with their network both online and offline, encouraging your ambassadors to promote #iGiveCatholic will result in more connections and more donations for your parish, school, or nonprofit ministry on the big day!
  • Acting as Social Media Champions for your organization: With online giving, social media can play a crucial role in your success. You can spend all day crafting up perfectly engaging posts, but they won't have an impact if nobody sees them! On social media, people are more likely to read and click on a post that their friend shares as opposed to a generic ask from an organization. Have your ambassadors get active on social media by supporting your campaign, sharing your #iGiveCatholic page, and getting the word out about why your mission is so important to them and your archdiocese or diocese. Provide them with this social media guide that they can use to help promote your parish, school, or nonprofit ministry before, during, and even after the big day!
  • Share their story: Each of your ambassadors or volunteers is serving your parish, school, or nonprofit ministry for a reason. They care about your mission, your impact, and the community and people you serve. Having your ambassadors share why they are proud to be a part of your parish, school, or nonprofit ministry has the power to show your supporters and potential donors how your organization is rooted in the passion of those people helping to further your mission. Both you and your ambassadors can use their stories (with their permission of course) in letters, emails, social media posts, and beyond! True stories that highlight the impact of your parish, school, or nonprofit ministry and power of your mission can go a long way!

Donor Outreach & Follow Up

Letting all of your donors and supporters know about {{cms:snippet:dog-title}} can be challenging. You’re going to want to send them emails, social media posts, and maybe even a direct mail appeal to get their attention and gain their support. Letting donors know that their impact is being celebrated is a great way to get them excited about the big day!

Tasks for these ambassadors could include:

  • Host a calling bank: Did you know that by simply giving your past donors a call to thank them for their support and letting them know about the day, they’re more likely to show their support again? Your ambassadors probably already make calls to big donors, but for #iGiveCatholic no donor is too small to let them know about the big event and how to see your mission in action! Check out our sample calling scripts for templates your ambassadors can use to engage with your supporters and encourage them to be a part of the fun during #iGiveCatholic!
  • Personal letters to bigger donors: Before the big day, you should give your big donors some recognition, and let them know about #iGiveCatholic while you’re doing it! Whether it’s by way of a personal letter, note, email, or even a phone call - let your donors know how they have made an impact on your parish, school, and nonprofit ministry and your community, and invite them to see that impact in action during #iGiveCatholic. They will not only appreciate the recognition, but will be more likely to support your organization during #iGiveCatholic.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers

Acting as a peer-to-peer fundraiser, each ambassador can rally around your mission and collect donations as an ally for your parish, school, or nonprofit ministry.

Tasks for these ambassadors could include:

  • Create fundraisers on behalf of your parish, school, or nonprofit ministry: For #iGiveCatholic your ambassadors can create their own personal fundraising pages to share out with their network to support your organization. Sharing their personal stories of why they support your cause and your mission will entice donors you would never have been able to reach to support you during #iGiveCatholic.
  • Host a FUNdraisers party: Invite your board members, volunteers, or best supporters to come together to learn about how they can rally around your cause during #iGiveCatholic. All you need are some light refreshments and a few computers to get everyone set up with their own personal fundraising page.